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Pserimos is the ideal destination for serene, relaxing holidays. Enjoy sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, swim in heavenly bays (such as the small bay of Vathi), rent a boat and sail around the island’s beaches; follow several hiking routes, take part in local fairs (the most famous ones are held on August 15th) or go scuba diving and climbing.


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Pserimos is located north of Kos and southeast of Kalymnos. The northern tip of the island is called Akra Vasiliki, and the southern one is Akra Roussa. Between them, on the east of the island, is Vasiliki Bay. On the west coast is Pserimos Bay in the inlet of which is the village of the same name. About two nautical miles north of Pserimos bay is the northwestern tip of the island called Akra Koraki (or Cape Koraki) and just 6 nautical miles away is the rocky islet of Plati or Platy. The main occupation of the inhabitants of Pserimos is fishing and livestock farming.

Source: Visit Greece - The Official website of the Greek Tourism Organisation