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Also called “Thermiá” on account of its thermal springs, Kythnos is very close to Attica, despite which it is one of the least visited islands of the Cyclades. The island’s harbour (Merihas) and capital (Hóra) as well as Loutrá and Dryopída are located in the north. In the south, only the regions near the bay of Ayios Dimitrios and Panayia Canála are inhabited (where there is a famous monastery situated in a pine forest).


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The island has 65 fine beaches, the most impressive of which is that of Kolonas, where a strip of sand links the islet of Agios Loukas to Kythnos. In an absolutely Cycladic landscape, 350 white chapels are scattered over the bare, dry hills, surrounded by kilometers of dry stone. The villages of Kythnos are full of cobbled streets, white houses, squares, churches and windmills. Follow the paths that link the island’s villages and, of course, visit the Katafyki cave (at Firés), one of the largest caves in Greece, richly adorned with stalactites and stalagmites.
Kythnos is an ideal destination for therapeutic tourism. In the Loutra region (4.5 km from Hora) there is an ultramodern hydrotherapy facility with two hot springs, famed since antiquity for their healing properties: one, in Agios Argyros, is inside the facility, while the second, the so-called spring of the Kafkasos, is 50 m. away and the temperature of its water is 52oC.
The festivals of Kythnos maintain their traditional mass nature since all the inhabitants participate in the festivities singing with “zies”, musical dialogues between the violin and lute.

Source: www.kythnos.gr