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General Terms of Use

The use of our website is subject to the Law articles and the General Transaction Terms, set out in detail below.
The website operates as an online travel services provider and is not responsible for delays, cancellations of itineraries or any similar external situations.
By making a booking through our website you unreservedly accept the terms of use mentioned below in detail.

To whom it belongs
The website belongs to “ZAS TRAVEL O.E.” travel agency which operates legally in the city of Naxos with permit registration number from the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO): 1174E60000057000
Who can use our website
This website must be used in accordance with the conditions and terms of use and its use is permitted to persons over 18 years old.
Mistakes or false data
Use of our website is not permitted for purposes not in accordance with the law and morality.
The user is exclusively responsible regarding possible mistakes or false data entry, as well as any information submitted to the website. Our website retains the right to refuse access and provision of services to persons who do not meet the present terms and conditions.
By proceeding to a booking, you accept the terms for using Zaplous website.
We bear no responsibility for any additional expenditures, omissions, delays, change of routes or acts by any government or Authority.
Any violation of the terms and conditions gives us the right to cancel your reservation, charge your account with the expenses that have incurred, as well as the amount you have to pay for your purchase.

The main purpose of our website is the purchase of boat tickets. When reserving your ticket through our website, you agree with all the terms and conditions and verify that you meet all the requirements for its use. Only after you find the itinerary and ticket fare that suits you, you may proceed to a payment. The final price of your purchase, includes the service fee which appears at the final steps of the process. Our website is not responsible in case that before the purchase is completed, there is no more availability on the specific route or class of service. Upon completion of the reservation, you will receive a confirming email message and/or an SMS. Only then is your reservation confirmed. In the final steps of the process, you will be asked to pay for your reservation using one of the payment methods mentioned in our website.

The payment for your purchase is possible only with one of the payment methods mentioned in the website. In case you prefer to pay with a credit card, we reserve the right to charge the whole amount in one single transaction. For the conclusion of the payment, your details may be transferred to a competent service provider, always in accordance with the provisions and guarantees of the relevant legislation. In the event that you use the card of a third party for your payment, you must have his or her authorization for that. We reserve the right to provide your details and also the ticket(s) to the person who paid for the reservation. If you choose a bank deposit as a method of payment, the total amount can be transfered to one of the following bank accounts within 24 hours after your reservation. Please be so kind as to mention your booking number on the bank transfer:

1. ALPHA BANK : GR72 0140 6200 6200 0233 0002 920
2. PIRAEUS BANK : GR41 0172 7050 0057 0508 8463 066
3. EUROBANΚ ERGASIAS : GR02 0260 3380 0006 1020 0207 674
4. NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE : GR49 0110 4320 0000 4324 4014 254

After completing the payment, you are kindly requested to send us the bank transfer receipt either by e-mail to info@zaplous.gr or by fax to +30 22850 22236.
Your booking is completed upon payment and ticket issuance. In the unlikely event that until the ticket issuance the fare, route or availability has changed, you will be informed immediately.
If you do not want any of the suggested alternative offers, your money will be refunded. Booking through bank deposit is possible only for trips within 15 days after the booking in order to allow you to complete the payment process. After payment is completed and the booking is confirmed, a receipt or an invoice will be sent to the email address you provided in the early stages of the booking. If despite having paid for the ticket you did not receive a confirmation in writting, please communicate as soon as possible with our office.

The cancellation or change of a booking is only possible if such actions are permitted by the respective company. Apart from the cancellation fee which applies for each company, our website also charges a handling fee of EUR 20 in case of booking cancellation or change for a domestic trip and 50 EUR for international routes. The refund amount you are entitled to, will be returned after Zaplous gets it from the ferry company. If you have already received the original ticket you must send it to our offices at the address you will find in our communications details. Within ten (10) working days your money will be refunded to the account where the initial charge was made. In case you have not yet received the original ticket, the cancellation or change will be made after your written request and acknowledgement of the cancellation charges and administration fees. Credit card or bank deposit charges are paid solely by the passenger/client. Please note that the change or cancellation of tickets can always be done at the central port offices of the respective ferry company.

In the event of a trip postponement or cancellation our company bears no responsibility. However, it will be at your disposal in order to provide you with alternative itineraries. If you have already received the original ticket you must send it to our offices at the address you will find in our communications details. Within ten (10) working days your money will be refunded to the account where the initial charge was made. We are not responsible for any expenses or financial loss caused to the passenger by the cancellation or change of itinerary by the ferry company. Please note that the change or cancellation of tickets can always be done at the central port offices of the respective ferry company. The handling fees of our website are not refundable.

In the event of losing your physical ticket (boarding pass), no change, cancellation, re-issuing or refund can take place.

The information, software, products and services that we or our suppliers provide, or are published on this website, may contain inaccuracies or mistakes, including mistakes in fares. We bear no responsibility for any mistakes on the website that originated from third parties, such as e.g. information about itineraries or the accuracy of fares. We bear no responsibility for acts, mistakes, omissions, statements, guarantees, violations or negligence by any provider or for any bodily harm, death, material damages, or other damages or expenses caused by the above actions. No refund is possible in the event of delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike, a force majeure or other causes outside our control. We bear no responsibility for any additional expenses, omissions, delays, change of itinerary or actions may occur by any ferry company, government or Authority. We bear no responsibility for malicious third party links on our website. The links are beyond the realm of our activity and are not controlled by us. We bear no responsibility for any damage that may occur or is related in any way to the use of access to our website.

As provided by Law 2251/1994 regarding “Consumer Protection” and in particular the provisions about drawing up contracts from a distance, the right to withdrawal is excluded in the sense of the law in question, inter alia, for passenger transport services, the transportation of goods and automobile rental services, if the contract provides a specific date or deadline for execution.

It is acknowledged  that in the event of violation of the terms of use, it might be necessary for you to reimburse either the company or its collaborator.
  • Whatever is contained in the website in question (signals, texts, pictures, graphics etc.) is the property of our company and protected under the law regarding intellectual property. 
  • We bear no responsibility for the links by third parties that are advertised on our website and it is possible that they contain contaminated or inappropriate material.

Law and jurisdiction:
Use of the present website and the terms of its use are governed by Greek legislation and the agreement regarding the consumers of Athens in 1974. For any dispute that may arise, the competent courts are those of the island of Naxos in the Cyclades.

Our company’s details are:

Zas Travel O.E.
VAT Number: EL081364955
Akti Protopapadaki, Hora seafront 
GR-843 00 Naxos, Cyclades
tel.: +30 22850 23330-1
e-mail: info@zaplous.gr 
fax: +30 22850 23419

The terms of use mentioned in the present text apply in full to all parties, the possible cancellation of some term does not entail the cancellation of the entire contract but only the specific term in question.

We retain the right to alter or complete the present terms, without previous notice, solely by posting them on the corresponding section of our website.