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One of the most enchanting, but little-known islands of the Cyclades, Tinos is the religious centre of the country, owing to the church of Panagia Megalóhari (the Blessed Virgin Mary). Pilgrims from all over the country come here to fulfill their vows and seek spiritual comfort.


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Ferries to Tinos

Ferry Schedules Rafina (Athens) to Tinos

Shipping Company
Ship Departure Time Arrival Time
Golden Star Ferries Superrunner 07:15 09:45
Fast Ferries Fast Ferries Andros 07:30 11:05
Golden Star Ferries Superferry II 07:55 09:45
Fast Ferries Hellenic Highspeed 08:05 10:15
Sea Jets Andros Jet 15:00 16:10
Golden Star Ferries Superspeed 15:45 17:45
Fast Ferries Theologos P 17:30 19:30

Tinos is an island with superb beaches and 40 traditional settlements that offers unlimited choices, and charms even the most demanding visitors. The nationwide celebration of the feast of the Panagia on Tinos on August 15 is flanked all summer by small festivals, feasts, and typical gastronomic celebrations such as that of the Artichoke, Raki and Honey.
Tinos is famed for its beautiful, graphic villages, making it difficult to select which one to visit.
Kardiani is virtually at the heart of Tinos. Verdant, with a panoramic view of the sea and abundant running water, it will delight you with its special architecture and blue seas.
After Kardiani, the next largest village you will find is Ysternia. It is built on the slopes of Meroviglia, on the west side of the island and 20 km from Hora, the main town of Tinos, and could justly claim the title of the most beautiful village on the island.
Pyrgos, the second village after Kardiani, is one of the largest on the island. It is never empty, even in winter – as the Tinos School of Fine Arts is located here. In the village square are the Halepas Museum and the Museum of Panormiti Artists.
Volax is one of the most picturesque villages. Hidden among round granite boulders, the village impresses the visitor with its unique landscape that is recommended for climbing.
Arnados – the village with the highest elevation – is on the south side of Mt. Kechrovouni, near the monastery of the same name. Do remember to visit the Convent of Kechrovouni (10th cent), a large structure that looks like a fortified village. In it is the cell of the nun Pelagia and a Museum in which are exhibited many noteworthy icons of the 18th and 19th centuries, and other significant objects.

Source: Visit Greece - The Official website of the Greek Tourism Organisation