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Syros is the island where Greek tradition and western influence are blended harmoniously. Ermoúpoli (“the city of Hermes”) is the island’s capital and was the country’s first important trade and industrial centre in the 19th century. The large number of beautiful beaches will delight sea and sand lovers: Vári, Foínikas, Yalissás and Kíni, as well as Possidonia or Dellagrazia, the beach of a village with many neoclassical mansions with colourful orchards.


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Ferry Schedules Piraeus (Athens) to Syros

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Ship Departure Time Arrival Time
Sea Jets Worldchampion Jet 07:00 09:00
Blue Star Ferries Nissos Mykonos 07:15 10:40
Blue Star Ferries Blue Star Paros 07:30 11:15
Blue Star Ferries Blue Star Patmos 17:30 21:10
Blue Star Ferries Blue Star 1/2 18:00 21:50

On Syros, the capital of the Cyclades, there is harmonious discourse between “our East” and the “light from the West”, that produces a unique atmosphere, distinguished and cosmopolitan. Ermoupoli, the island’s capital, steals the show, as it was the first local commercial and industrial center, by Greek standards, that experienced unprecedented growth during the 19th century. As a result, to this day the city is adorned with splendid public buildings (City Hall, the Customs building, the Apollo Theatre), magnificent squares, neoclassical houses, and an outdoor architectural museum. The Industrial Museum is housed in three buildings and epitomizes the city’s dizzying economic growth, which caused it to be known as the Manchester of Greece.
The point of reference for religious monuments in the city (Metamorphosis of the Saviour, St Nicholas the Wealthy, Dormition of the Virgin), are imposing churches that register clearly the contribution of the Orthodox community to the architectural identity of Ermoupoli.
In contrast to the Orthodox presence in modern Ermoupoli is the medieval settlement of the Catholic community located on the hill of Agios Georgios, or Ano Syros, with the typical defensive layout of the houses around the fortified cathedral of St. George. It is worth walking up the countless steps leading to the top of the hill to stroll through its labyrinthine lanes, to view the traditional white houses, the arched streets and narrow lanes that lead to its small neighborhoods. The view from the hill of Ano Syros is breathtaking.
The island is primarily suited for sea-related activities, as it has a multitude of superb beaches: Vari, Finikas, Galissas, Kini and Poseidonia (or Delagratsia) with its pine trees and neoclassical villas and elaborate gardens are just a few of the island’s heavenly coasts.
The island’s rich cultural tradition continues worthily through globally recognized artistic events organized every year in Ermoupoli: the International Music Festival of the Cyclades, and the Festival of Classical Music, the Ermoupoleia and Musical May represent a wide range of choices that cover all tastes.

Source: Visit Greece - The Official website of the Greek Tourism Organisation