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On the island of Skyros, you may want to ride a cute little pony around the heart of a dense pine forest, or join in the famous carnival celebrations. The island is also home to the Skyros Institute of Holistic Studies, which offers alternative therapy programmes (yoga etc.).


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Skyros is an island with a history going back centuries and a significant presence in the course of Greek history; it is also one of the most beautiful islands in the country.
Embraced by the blue waters of the Aegean, with rich vegetation and spectacular morphology, it is the ideal destination for enjoyable, carefree holidays.
On this island lived Achilles, Lykomedes and Neoptolemos, and it was here that Theseus met his end. Over the centuries, all nations who passed through Skyros have left their mark, which to this day can be seen in the art, traditions, customs and manners of Skyros, where the influence of these other cultures is still visible.
Skyros belongs to the Northern Sporades and is very close to Euboea. Here, green and blue coexist in absolute harmony, creating landscapes and images of enchanting beauty.
Scattered mainly over the northern section of the island are picturesque settlements, each of which has its own special beauty that contributes to the general picture of Skyros acquired by visitors. From Hora or Horio, which is the island’s capital, you can visit settlements such as Pefkos, Atsitsa, Magazia or Molos, where you will find beautiful landscapes and charming holiday destinations.
On Skyros are some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. The large beach with the golden sand that joins Magazia and Molos is a classic example of the quality one meets on the beaches of Skyros. Crystal clear waters, lovely landscapes and, in many cases, with pine trees extending down to the sea, golden sands or pearly pebbles, you will certainly have an opportunity to see and enjoy the beaches of Skyros on your vacation.
Skyros is an island with much greenery and a great deal of natural beauty that alternates, creating charming landscapes. In Atsitsa, the pine trees descend to the azure waters of the sea, whereas in Pouria the rocks and ruins of the ancient quarry of Skyros limestone create an imposing but calm landscape. On the south side of Skyros, the environment is wild and reminiscent of a mountain, where Skyrian ponies, the island’s trademark, used to live and are today threatened with extinction.
All over the island there are many Byzantine churches, and listed monuments of the Byzantine period. The monastery of Agios Georgios has stood up proudly through the passage of centuries, perched on a rock, full of memories and information about Skyros.
And finally, Skyros is famous for its pottery, its carved wooden furniture and the special interior architecture of its houses. Its agricultural products are outstanding because traditional means are primarily used to produce them.

Source: www.skyros.gr