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Sifnos will definitely turn a holiday into an unforgettable experience, with its rich tradition in pottery and gastronomy. Its gold mines made it one of the richest islands in ancient times. In every small taverna or aristocratic restaurant in Hóra you can sample some of Sifnos’ exceptional dishes cooked by chefs who know how to tempt our palates. When night falls, you may wish to discover the fancy lounge bars or the hottest nightclubs on the island, and dance the night away.


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Ferries to Sifnos

Ferry Schedules Piraeus (Athens) to Sifnos

Shipping Company
Ship Departure Time Arrival Time
Sea Jets Superjet 07:01 09:10
Sea Jets Naxos Jet 15:45 18:50
Sea Jets Seajet 2 07:01 09:10
Aegean Speed Lines Speedrunner 3 07:30 10:40
Zante Ferries Dionisios Solomos 14:30 19:45
Zante Ferries Adam. Korais 14:30 20:20

Apollonia, the main town (Hora) of Sifnos, is spread over three hills in the center of the island. The lanes in Sifnos and the traditional Cycladic houses make up a unique ekistic whole. Wherever you choose to eat, enjoyment is guaranteed, as on this island of Tselemendes (author of a major Greek cookbook) food is a science.
A few kilometers outside Hora is the village of Artemonas which is justly famed for its amazing neoclassical mansions. Stroll through its narrow streets, cast an eye on the verdant fenced gardens and don’t forget to enjoy the panoramic view of the island. For those who want peace and a cool climate, Artemonas is certainly the ideal place to stay.
Built on top of the ancient capital of Sifnos, the Castle (Kastro), which has been inhabited since ancient times, is today an open-air museum. Entrance to the Castle is through the “lozies”, or old arched alleyways that once secured and protected the settlement like armed turrets. Walk along the narrow cobbled lanes and let yourself feel the unrivalled charm of the Castle with its wooden balconies, coats of arms and ancient columns. Visit the Archaeological Museum, admire the chapel of the “Eftamartyros” built on the rock, poised between the waves, and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Aegean.
Sifnos is the stronghold of the development and dissemination of pottery-making in the Cyclades, as the first examples of the potter’s art date from the Early Cycladic period. Its clay soil and the strong sun certainly contributed to the development of pottery making. In the pottery studios scattered all over the island, you will find a wide variety of cooking utensils and other useful and decorative objects.
The beaches of Sifnos cover all tastes, from organized and cosmopolitan to isolated, all with crystal waters! Kamares, the island’s port, has a sandy beach with many tamarisks and beach bars, while the most frequented and cosmopolitan beach on the island is Platys Gialos. Near Platys Gialos you will find Vathy, a sandy beach 1.5 km. long with shallow water and many little tavernas overlooking the waves. If you want to dive off the rocks, you should certainly do so from the rocks of Chrysopigi. Visit the monastery of the same name which has been standing proudly on the cape since 1650 and if you want shade, walk to the neighboring inlet to enjoy the shade of the tamarisks. Walk down the Castle path and enjoy cool dips in Epta Martyres.

Source: Visit Greece - The Official website of the Greek Tourism Organisation