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Kimolos, a tiny and extremely beautiful island, lies in the western Cyclades, near the island of Milos. A volcanic island with a unique variety of rocks, it is famous for its fantastic beaches, ranging from fine sand to pebbles.


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Horio, the capital of Kimolos, is made up of two settlements (Mesa and Exo Kastro). Built around the initial nucleus of a medieval castle, Mesa Kastro retains all the features of Cycladic architecture and is uniquely picturesque. Houses form the outer wall; their windows were loopholes. The Exo Kastro was built in the 17th century around the Mesa Kastro. It has square, plain buildings in contrast with the buildings of the Palio Horio, which are characterized by arches and domes.
Many paths still used by the inhabitants lead to every corner of the island. Discover its unique ecosystem dominated by myrtle trees, lentisk and reeds, fig trees, vines and blue lizards. On the coast of the uninhabited northern side of the island is the refuge for the famous Mediterranean seal.
Look for “Skiadi” nature’s unique sculpture that looks like a huge stone mushroom. Follow the path from Horio to the beach of Agioklima where you’ll find a warm spring that awaits tired hikers. Warm mineral springs can also be found at Prassa – where chalk was mined – at the Castle with the red rocks and at Therma.
It is worth visiting neighboring Polyaigo which you can approach only by boat. It is the largest uninhabited island in the Aegean, an ideal place for bird watching.

Source: www.kimolos.gr