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Despite its small size, Kasos was once a strong maritime and commercial power. The well-preserved mansions that still are still standing in Fry (pronounced ‘Free’), the island’s capital and main port, reflect this former grandeur today. Take a stroll around Boúka, an old pirates’ lair, where small fishing boats are moored, and visit its traditional coffee shops and old lighthouse.


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Kasos is the southernmost island of the Dodecanese, with a very ancient history and many common features with nearby Crete. Its first inhabitants are believed to have been Phoenicians; Homer included it among the islands that fought in the Trojan War.
Despite its small size, it was a significant naval and commercial center, whose fleet participated in the Revolution of 1821, which is why the island was laid waste by the Turks in June of 1824. Its subsequent history is similar to that of the other Dodecanese islands, including its union with Greece in 1948.
It is mountainous and rocky, with little arable land. On the island’s mountains, one encounters rare wild flowers and birds. This island, with its ancient history, followed the historic fate of neighbouring Karpathos, as well as that of Crete, and was frequently raided by pirates. During the years of the Greek Revolution, it had 12,000 inhabitants.
The island’s five villages are: Phry, its capital and port; Agia Marina, the largest of its villages, spread over the hilltops; Arvanitohori at the foot of the mountains; Poli, the old village built around the hill with the ruined castle; and Panagia, above the old port of Emporeio.
Phry, the capital, is also the island’s only port. Beside the port for ships is a small inlet called Bouka, a rare example of an old pirate hideaway, where fishing boats are moored and fishermen rest, drink their coffee in the traditional coffee shop and sell their fish.
One hundred churches, large and small, with high bell towers, are scattered among the houses all over the island, demonstrating the faith of the people who work on the sea, with all its hazards.
The inlet of Helatros is suitable for swimming in its clear sea waters. Also suitable for swimming are the beaches at Phry, Agios Konstantinos and Armathia.

Source: kasos.gr