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Oinousses is a complex of nine islands, located between Chios and the Erythraia Peninsula of Asia Minor. At the last census, their population exceeded one thousand people. The locals are proud of their land and ancient roots: As early as the 6th century BC, the islands were already famous for their excellent wine.


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In the 6th century BC, these islands were already famed for their good wine. It is in fact speculated that the root of the word wine in Greek (oinos) was derived from the name of this island. In another version, the name “Egnousa”, which the local people use today, comes from the ancient name of the willow tree that they see all around them.

Oinousses is a place of rest for summer recluses. It is an area protected by Natura 2000, full of lovely little bays and beaches. Around the shore, the island has a paved road that permits easy access to most beaches; some people even go on foot, as the length of the island is no more than 18 km.
But the real secret of Oinousses is its deserted islets. Idyllic nature rich in virgin fishing grounds and enchanting seafloors constitute a panorama of the unexplored Aegean.

Oinousses has always been the island of sea captains. The first Greek commercial steamships were from Oinousses and were recorded in the first chapter of modern Greek shipping. It is not accidental that many shipowners are descended from here. On the island which has an area of just 15 km2 , there is a Nautical Lyceum and a Commercial Navy Academy which was produced more than 1500 ships’ captains, worthy employees of global commercial shipping.

In the middle of the traditional settlement with its ceramic tile roofs, stands the magnificent church of St Nicholas, protector of sailors. Richly decorated with elaborate icons of saints and thousands of offerings, ii comes to life on the feast of the Virgin (15 August).

There are many festivals during the summer, when dozens of chapels scattered around the little island celebrate, and are visited by pilgrims in caiques to honour the saint’s feast day. The last summer festival is the Assumption of the Virgin at the Monastery of the Annunciation (Evangelismos) on 28 August (in the old calendar) when the monastery, a spiritual haven, and architectural jewel of the island, honours its protector.
On Oinousses, cooking masterfully combines seafood with tasty , healthy wild vegetables grown on the island, as well as rare species of mushrooms produced in the winter months.

Source: Visit Greece - The Official website of the Greek Tourism Organisation