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There is only one way to travel back in time and experience old Greece up close: board a ship and get off at Fourni. The place is full of history: ancient finds dating to the Ionians and to Classical and Hellenistic times are scattered throughout the islands. They include: the Cyclopean wall with traces of an Acropolis on the Hill of Ai Giorgis, the ruins of the ancient temple at Kamari, the remains of homes on the sea floor, the shrine to Poseidon and Agia Triada in Chryssomilia, and the ancient quarry at Petrokopio, to name but a few.


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A small island group with a long history, Fourni is dotted with ancient finds from the time of the Ionians to the classical and Hellenistic periods. They include: the Cyclopean wall with traces of an Acropolis on the Hill of Ai Giorgi, the remains of an ancient temple at Kamari, the ruins of houses on the sea floor, a shrine to Poseidon at Agia Triada on Chrysomilia, and an ancient quarry on Petrokopio. It was also an ideal hideout for pirates in the Middle Ages, thanks to its hundreds of little fiords and isolated coasts where they hid their ships, the islands of Fourni were once called “Korseoi islands” from the word corsair.
Each one of the islands’ settlements has its own character. Hora, the main village on the island of Fourni, has everything: tavernas, confectioners, shops with traditional products, a workshop for bottling soft drinks (the local orange juice is the favorite cold drink of everybody here); there are also, of course, fourni (the Greek word for bakeries). Here you can relax in the coffee shops in the main square with its white mulberry trees, or stroll through the picturesque lanes to look at the houses with their traditional architecture that were built in sections above the port, and enjoy a relaxing walk through the lively port with its multicoloured boats.
In Kambi, just one km. away, beside three windmills – the island’s trademark – you will find more new buildings that operate as inns. The beach, with its fine sand and shady tamarisk trees, is an easy choice for swimming.
The real discovery, however, is Chrysomilia, a village just 14 km from Hora. Itt is a paradise of tranquility with many beaches all around and the most picturesque refuge for fish in the Aegean.
The coastline of Fourni, with its countless inlets and canals that cut into the land like knives, is 120 km long. Ideal places to anchor in all weather are: Kamari, Elidaki and Bali. Superb beaches for swimming can be found at Psili Ammos, Vlychada and Vitsilia.
A visit to little Thymaina and the delightful Keramidou should not be missed by any visitor to Fourni. It is a small independent island of 150 inhabitants, and, uninfluenced by the tourist development of recent decades, it offers rich images of authentic calm and peace to anyone who chooses to explore it.
Before leaving this island where time has stopped, don’t forget to take with you some of the famous local honey, which owes its reputation to the abundant thyme and sage that flourish on the island. You may also want to bring some of the local cheese of “wax” and “brine”.

Source: Visit Greece - The Official website of the Greek Tourism Organisation