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Astypalea is the westernmost island of the Dodecanese, located at the point where the Dodecanese and the Cyclades meet. This is why the characteristics of both groups can be found in the landscape and architecture of Astypalea . Visit Hora, the island’s capital and port, one of the most picturesque settlements in the Aegean.


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Ferry Schedules Piraeus (Athens) to Astypalea

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Blue Star Ferries  Blue Star Naxos 06:45 16:25
Blue Star Ferries Nissos Chios 13:00 21:20

Astypalea, with its rich history, lovely seashores and picturesque settlements, is a natural bridge uniting the Cyclades with the Dodecanese and inviting visitors to embark on a wonderful trip. The westernmost island of the Dodecanese, Astypalea consists of two sections, the Mesa (inner or western section) and Exo (outer or eastern section) of the Island, connected by a strip of land less than 100 meters wide.
Its name originated from Astypalea, daughter of Finikas and Perimede; the island was previously called Ichthyoessa, indicating abundant fish. It was first inhabited in prehistoric times; after 1204, it passed into the hands of the Venetians and specifically to the Guerrini family, except for a brief period during which it belonged to the Byzantine Empire (1269-1310). The Guerrinis remained lords of the island until 1537, when it was conquered by the Turks. It remained Turkish, as did the Dodecanese as a whole, until 1912 when it passed into the hands of Italians, British and Germans, to be united with Greece in 1948.
The island’s capital and port is Hora, built on a rock that juts into the sea, creating two bays. At the top of the rock is the castle in which the white domes of the churches of Evangelistria and St George are visible. The castle is surrounded by white houses with blue doors and windows, and wooden railings around the balconies.
West (Inner Island)
Livadia is a seaside community, built a fertile valley. Orchards of tangerine and orange trees, vineyards and houses surrounded by flowers create a beautiful setting beside the lovely beach. It is 2 km SW of Hora.
Maltezana (Analipsi) draws the largest number of tourists to the island. The region was called Maltezana by Maltese pirates whose hideout was on the island.
Vathy looks more like a lagoon owing to its sheltered bay. It has two small communities, Exo Vathy at the entrance to the bay and Mesa Vathy on an inlet in the bay; it has fields, a few trees and vineyards, and is 21 km. NE of Hora.
The surrounding islands:
Tourist boats go from Maltezana Bay to Diaporia, Ligno and Hondro, to Kounoupi and Koutsomyri (SE) and to Agia Kyriaki (S), with its fine beaches. Farther away, NE of the island, are the Fokionisia, to the NW are Panormos and Katsagreli, to the east are Pontikousa and Ofidousa, and SE are Syrna, Katsikoulia, Tria Nisia, Meso, Stephania and the Zafora islands.

Source: Visit Greece - The Official website of the Greek Tourism Organisation