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According to Greek mythology, Anafi – a paradise of pristine beauty and exotic beaches washed by crystal waters – emerged from the bottom of the Aegean to provide shelter for the Argonauts. Walk, cycle or ride a donkey around the island over the 18 km of trails and see the old farmhouses with an extremely large oven, that are called “oven houses” and the “mnemoria”, or charnel-houses in which bones are buried. Explore the ancient town of Anáfi on Kasteli hill and visit the remarkable necropolis with its monumental tombs and sculptures.


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When visitors arrive at Ormos in Agios Nikolaos, they can see in the distance the superb town of Hora built amphitheatrically on a hill. It was built on the ruins of a Venetian castle and has stark white vaulted houses and narrow stone-paved lanes. The churches, small squares, arched and flat-roofed houses, narrow lanes and whitewashed stairs create a most graphic image. The remains of the Venetian castle have been incorporated into the constructed fabric of the settlement. Using Anafi’s Hora as their model, Cycladic craftsmen who had migrated to Attica between 1860 and 1870 built the picturesque settlement of Anafiotika at the foot of the Acropolis in Athens.
Walking, riding a bicycle or donkey, which the local people still use, are the best ways to discover the island, following the 18-km network of paths that cover the greater part of Anafi. In the Anafi landscape one can single out the “fournospita”, old farmhouses with a bed chamber-storeroom, and a particularly large oven (fournos) and the mnemoria, small ossuaries in visible places.
Explore the ancient city of Anafi on Kasteli hill, on the slopes of which is also an impressive cemetery with monumental tombs and many grave sculptures. Go as far as the “Vrisi” (spring), a verdant site in the north of the island with running water and plane trees.
The east side of the island presents special interest. Here is the imposing Kalamos (height 480 m.), the world’s second highest monolith after Gibraltar, a climbing field with high specifications in recent years. At the foot of Kalamos you will find the temple of Aigliti or Anafaios Apollo and the Monastery of Zoodohos Pigis (Kato Panagia). At the top of Kalamos is the Monastery of the Panagia Kalamiotissa (Ano Panagia), after you have walked through an imposing mountain landscape. One is richly rewarded by the magnificent view of the sea and the surrounding islands for this walk of about an hour and a half.

Source: www.anafi.gr