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    Booking procedure

    • How can I buy my ferryboat/speedboat ticket?
    Find the itinerary
    You can select a one-way or return ticket, or multiple trips (simultaneous booking of tickets for one to three legs on different routes). Then you select the departure and arrival ports and the dates of the trips. Finally, you enter the total number of passengers and vehicles and select "Search".

    Results of search / Route selection
    On the routes that appear, you can find the times of departure and arrival and the cheapest fare available per person at that moment. Also, you have a choice of availability for +/- 3 days. When you have found the desired route, go ahead and select a seat.

    Passenger details, selection of seat and price
    Here you enter the details of each passenger separately, gender, surname, given name, type of passenger (adult, child or infant), the desired class of service, as well as the discount, if you are eligible, such as for students, for families with many children, etc. For vehicles, you select the type of vehicle you require and enter the plate number. Each passenger and vehicle is described as ”Passenger 1, 2, 3,…” and “Vehicle 1,2,3”. When you are finished, proceed to calculate prices and payment.

    Cost, receiving and paying for your tickets
    Here you will see the cost analysis of your tickets, how you will collect them (by courier or from the central agency network of the ferry company you are traveling with) and the manner of payment (bank card, credit card or PayPal). Make sure all the fields marked with an asterisk (*) have been filled in and that the information you provide is correct. Select acceptance of the terms of Zaplous.com website and complete your reservation.

    Completing and confirming your reservation
    After the successful completion of your booking, a page appears with all the details of your itinerary, your booking number, the total amount payable and the way you will collect your tickets. At the same time, a copy of your booking with all details will be sent to the e-mail address or/and the telephone number you provided.

    Time limit
    The minimum time limit for reserving tickets before departure is 48 hours. For reservations and tickets outside this time limit, you can communicate with us by telephone (our telephone number) or by e-mail.

    • I did not receive a confirmation by e-mail although my reservation was successful, what should I do?
    Regarding any problem that arises after your reservation has been completed, you must communicate with us as soon as possible at +30 2285 0 29357 or ticket@zaplous.gr.
    The details you have entered during the reservation process are your responsibility and any change after completion may entail additional charges.

    • Is my card charged even if the reservation was not successful?
    Your credit card is charged only if your reservation is considered successful. In all cases of error during the reservation process, your card is not charged, which you can also verify with your bank at any time.
    Σε κάθε περιίπτωση σφάλματος κατά την κράτηση, η κάρτα σας δεν χρεώνεται. Αυτό μπορείτε να το επιβεβαιώσετε είτε με χρήση e-banking είτε σε επικοινωνία με την τράπεζα σας.

    • Can I make a reservation for a third party using my credit card?
    If the credit card you wish to use does not belong to one of the passengers in question, a copy of its holder’s identity card or passport, together with the signature of its owner, must be sent to customerservice@zaplous.gr or by fax to +30 2285 0 22236.

    • Up to the time of departure, is any other confirmation required?
    In the event of some planned change of itinerary by the ferry company, Zaplous.com will make every possible effort to inform you by e-mail or SMS at the addresses you have given us.
    But in the event of a seamen’s strike, gale warnings or delays owing to weather conditions etc, it would be better for you to communicate directly with the regional port authorities for information.

    Class of service and disounts

    • What class of service shall I select? Description of different classes.
    The lounge in the economy section has limited interior space; outside, it is the entire ship’s deck. This is the lowest fare and during the peak period is not so comfortable.

    Numbered seats
    These are airplane type seats inside the ship. They are slightly more expensive than economy class tickets. It is a good selection in peak periods.

    Business / First Class
    It is a dedicated lounge usually at the low side of the ship and usually has its own Snack Bar and bathrooms. It is very comfortable even in the peak period since this particular space is exclusively intended for the holders of these tickets. It is ideal for those who prefer a comfortable trip.

    The cabins can sleep from one (1) to four (4) persons.
    There are exterior cabins (with portholes) and interior cabins ones (without a porthole); they have a private bathroom and usually a television. Some companies offer pet-friendly cabins and pure air cabins.
    You can reserve an entire cabin (for one-bed, two-bed, three-bed or four-bed use) or share the cabin with other passengers of the same gender.

    Business / Club / VIP / Platinum class on speedboats
    These seats are usually found on speedboats. Business / Club is the next class after economy. They are more comfortable than in economy although they are at the same part of the ship.
    The VIP/Platinum category refers to the luxury seats in a dedicated area with major amenities. They are located at the best point on the ship, ideal for those who want a comfortable voyage.

    • Which are the age groups for passengers?
    While making your booking you should specify the age group of each passenger.
    Every passenger from 11 years old up is considered an adult, the child fare applies for children from 6 to 10 years old and infant from 0 to 5 years old travel for free.
    Προσοχή: In some speed companies, like e.g. as SeaJets and Aegean Speedlines, children are distinguished as follows: from 0 to 2 years old no ticket is issued and from 3 to 12 years old the child fare applies; if you need any further clarification you should contact us by phone at +30 2285 029357 or by email at info@zaplous.com.

    • When am I entitled to a reduced fare?
    Many ferry companies provide reductions to special categories of passengers. These are activated during the seat selection process and included in your data.
    Take care during boarding and inspection to have the necessary documentation since, if you don’t, you may not be allowed to board, or you will be asked to pay the difference in fare to the ship’s accounts office.
    For more information please contact us at +30 2285 029357 or at info@zaplous.com.

    • Is there any discount if I also buy my return ticket?
    Usually, there is no discount for round trip tickets. However, most companies offer special prices for early bookings.

    • How can I book tickets for a group?
    Every group booking is different. We can offer you the best possible price as long as you send your request timely at ticket@zaplous.com.

    Issuance and collection of tickets

    • When and where can I pick up my tickets?
    From the moment you complete your booking successfully, the tickets can be issued at the kiosk in the port (if there is one) or from the main agency of the company you are traveling with.
    You can also choose to have the tickets sent to you by courier with an additional charge. In this case, allow 1-2 working days for Greece and 3-4 working days for other countries.

    • Where are your offices? Can I collect my tickets directly from there?
    The offices of Zaplous.com are located on Naxos island / Cyclades, in Protopapadaki Square opposite the main port of Naxos. Here you can collect your tickets at no extra charge.

    Boarding procedure

    • What is needed and what must I do when boarding?
    You must be at the port at least one (1) hour before the departure time. Identity checks during the boarding process are usually not strict. Nevertheless you are advised to have all the necessary documents in the event you are asked to present them (identity card, passport) or if you have a vehicle (driver’s license, vehicle's plate number).

    • I just realized that the details shown on my ticket are not correct. What should I do?
    Since inspections are not very strict this is usually not a problem upon boarding. However the details on your ticket (name, surname or license number) cannot be modified after the booking has been completed.
    • When boarding, it is sufficient to have my reservation number or the ticket number in hand?
    With just a booking or ticket number you will not be permitted to board the ship. So make sure you have visited the ticket office or the central port office of the respective ferry company in order to collect your printed ticket(s) (boarding pass).

    • Can tickets be issued on the ship? Can I pick up my tickets from there?
    Collecting your tickets on the boat is not possible. Without the boarding pass you will not be allowed to board the ship.

    • Information about destinations and the Greek islands
    Detailed information about destinations and the islands can be found here.

    Booking modification and cancellation

    • I want to change the date on my ticket, what should I do?
    It is possible to change the date of your trip on the condition that there is availability on the new route and that it is run by the same company. If the change is for tickets you have already collected, these must be returned to Zaplous.com office to make the changes you desire.
    Not all companies allow change of route, but for those who permit it the fare of the new tickets must be the same or greater than that of the old ones.
    For all ticket changes, there is a service fee by Zaplous.com ranging from EUR 20 to EUR 50, depending on the circumstances. Your tickets can also be changed directly at the offices of the boat company.
    • How can I cancel my booking or a ticket?
    If the cancellation is for tickets that have already been received, they must first be sent to the Zaplous.com office. Tickets are not re-issued and in the event of their loss, the fare cannot be refunded.
    For any cancellation of a reservation or ticket, the amount that will be refunded to you depends on the cancellation policy of the boat company in question. Zaplous.com will inform you of the exact amount to be refunded. No cancellation is allowed after the ship's departure.
    In every cancellation, the amount you paid will be refunded to the credit card you used or to the bank account you provided.
    For all ticket cancellations, there is a service fee ranging from EUR 20 to EUR 50 depending on the circumstances and it is subtracted from the amount to be refunded. Cancellations can also be carried out directly at the offices of the boat company.
    If the cancellation is for a voyage that did not take place owing to bad weather conditions, strikes, etc., you will be refunded to the total amount without any service fee, provided the tickets are first sent to the Zaplous.com office.

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